Get Lost in Virtual Reality with Merge VR

The Merge VR virtual reality headset for iPhone android users is a popular gadget that featured on our top 10 list of the best mobile VR headsets. It’s unashamedly purple and it’s boxy design definitely makes it stand out from the crowd. How does it compare to its rivals in a fast-growing highly competitive market? Our in-depth review will give you a rundown of the Merge’s capabilities and if it’s worth getting. (more…)

The Best Virtual Reality Game For Mobile VR Headsets

There is no doubt that immersive VR gaming has caught most people’s attention. So what is the best virtual reality game for mobile VR headsets? You don’t need an expensive headset, such as Oculus Rift, to enjoy beautiful 360 landscapes. Here’s my list of the best games for mobile VR and if you’re still deciding what headset is best for your smartphone, click on this link for our comprehensive list.

Personally, one of my favourite points about VR headsets for smartphones is that they are considerably cheaper to buy than premium headsets and are equally as (more…)

Sarlar VR Headset Review: What I Really Think

Here is a quick summary of the Sarlar VR Headset and why you need to buy one. From the onset, you can see that the headset is made from high-quality material. The straps are velcro and totally adjustable for any size head. My head is quite large and it fits comfortably. It’s padded very well around the edges to avoid pressure on the forehead and nose. (more…)

10 best virtual reality headsets for smartphones


Here’s a quick summary of the best performing VR Headsets for smartphones currently available. This tech is a hot topic, so don’t be surprised if my list evolves as new headsets are released. The VR headsets below have been cherry-picked for their rocking designs and ultimate awesomeness. (more…)

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