The Luminette 3 is claimed as the World’s First Light Therapy Glasses. It’s actually the latest model from the Luminette Light Therapy Glasses, a step up from its previous design. So how do light therapy glasses differ from your traditional light therapy lamps? Are they more beneficial? Do they actually work? All your lingering questions will soon be answered as we dive into my review below.

For the longest time, sunlight has always been a necessity to one’s health. The right amount of sunlight exposure can give significant positive effects on our physical and mental wellbeing. That’s why during the colder seasons like winter, our moods and energy levels tend to dip. This is due to the lack of daylight hours. For some, the effects can be much worse and lead to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). SAD is a type of depression usually occurring during the change of seasons from warmer to colder.

According to experts, sunlight triggers the release of a hormone called serotonin. Serotonin is a hormone associated with boosting one’s mood, making you feel calm and positive. Without enough sunlight exposure, our serotonin levels dip and can cause negative effects on our overall wellbeing.

Luckily, today’s medical advancements had led experts to use light as a treatment for a range of health conditions including SAD. One particular medical device doctors advise to treat SAD is the use of light therapy.

I’m sure you’ve heard of light therapy lamps before, but light therapy glasses are one of the latest innovations in treating people experiencing SAD. It’s also a more portable way of relieving the symptoms of SAD.

So I introduce to you, the Luminette 3.

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What Is The Luminette 3?


Manufactured by a Belgian health-tech company called Lucimed, the Luminette 3 is a type of light therapy glasses that uses blue-enriched white light with 3 light settings for you to choose from. Its brightness intensity range from 500, 1000, and 1500 LUX. It’s made for people experiencing SAD, low energy levels, have difficulty sleeping, or have irregular sleep patterns, etc. Equipped with filtered LED lights that replicate the color properties and brightness of natural sunlight, the Luminette 3 is sure to improve those symptoms.

The Luminette 3 is the third version of light therapy glasses Lucimed has launched way back in 2006. They market the Luminette 3 as a wearable light box that you can use without having to change your daily routine. You’ll be able to do your activities throughout the day seamlessly while getting your light therapy sessions in.

With a patented optical system, the Luminette 3 is intended for optimal comfort. The light you get from the glasses is angled top-down with the actual device is placed above your eyesight. This is supposed to mimic the way you get natural sunlight from above and not hinder your line of sight.

Additionally, due to the Luminette 3’s safe, blue-enriched white light peaked at 468 nm, it is proven to be optimum in triggering your body’s positive response to sunlight.

Watch the video below to get more insight on how the Luminette 3 works.

How To Use The Luminette 3 and What’s In The Box


The Luminette 3 is fairly easy to use. Depending on your preference with the light intensity, you can choose between 500 LUX, 1000, LUX, and 1500 LUX. Once that’s settled, the duration of your light therapy sessions will depend on the light intensity you chose. For 1500 LUX, the recommended time is 20 minutes. While you get 45 minutes with the lowest intensity, 500 LUX. It’s also recommended to be used only once a day.

The photo below indicates the different parts and features of the Luminette 3 for your reference.


For what’s in the box, you get the light therapy glasses, the case, a few instruction pamphlets, and the charger.



There’s a lot of impressive things about the Luminette 3 that make it so great and sets it apart from its competition in the market. Why I think it can be better than your traditional light therapy lamps. So I’m here to explain all the benefits you can get from the Luminette 3 in clear detail.

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Portability And Convenience

One of the main features of the Luminette 3 that I like so much is how portable and convenient it is for any situation. Let’s say I have a terribly long day dedicated to working and I won’t be able to spare some time for my daily light therapy session. That can be quickly solved by the Luminette 3. All I have to do is wear it, turn it on, then go about my day as usual. I can wear it while I’m working, while I’m exercising, doing household chores, and any other activity I can think of.

It’s convenient enough that I no longer have to worry about changing or adjusting anything in my daily routine.


It Caters To A Lot Of People

The Luminette 3 isn’t just for people with SAD. This particular light therapy glasses can also be used by people with irregular sleeping patterns or disorders, people traveling frequently, jetlag, people with shifting schedules at work, and so much more.

If you struggle with irregular sleeping patterns or have sleeping disorders, the Luminette 3 will help improve that. With regular use, you’ll start to feel significant improvements and changes in your sleeping patterns. This is due to your circadian rhythm (or more commonly known as our body clock) naturally shifting its phase and resetting so by the time nighttime rolls in, you would be ready for bed.

If you’re someone who travels frequently, one session of the Luminette 3 can be a natural substitute for caffeine and energy drinks. This is also perfect for someone with shifting schedules at work or with graveyard shifts. A great energy boost without the negative effects of caffeine!



When it comes to light quality, the Luminette 3 does not fall behind. In addition to having 3 different options for light intensities and uniquely filtered LED lights, the Luminette 3 is the only device that uses a hologram lens system. So what does this mean? Basically, the LED lights are directed away from your eyes and onto a mirrored surface which then reflects the light back into your eyes.

In an independent study, it was shown that the Luminette 3 works just as well and effectively as your traditional light therapy lamp with 10,000 LUX.

A Dedicated App

Another feature worthy of mention is the Luminette 3’s app called “MyLuminette”. It’s a chronotherapy application developed by an actual Chrono therapist. It’s equipped with programs helping you reshape your body clock, help you with light exposure and when to avoid it, monitors your sleep cycles and melatonin levels, just to name a few.

The MyLuminette app is available for download on both Android and IOS. Keep in mind that the app itself does not connect to the glasses, but it has a calendar for reminders and other helpful programs to keep you healthy.

Research Background & Ongoing Trials

With the Luminette 3, you’d be glad to know how much research and studies were put into these light therapy glasses. As of the moment, they also have ongoing trials for it. This means the Luminette 3 is only going to improve even more in the future, making it an even better investment.

If you’re interested in the research, you can read all about it here.



Most likely, a lot of you are concerned about placing a light therapy device so close to your eyes. I would be, too. But you’ll be happy to know that in accordance with the international standard CEI 62471, the Luminette 3 is certified 100% safe for the eyes. Since its launch with the original model in 2006, more than 100,000 people have been safely using the Luminette 3 with zero risks.


Like any other product in the market, the Luminette 3 is bound to have a few flaws here and there. Keep scrolling if you’d like to know more about them.

One Size Fits All

While the Luminette 3 can probably fit most head sizes, I find that having only one size for their light therapy glasses not ideal. Every person has different head shapes, some will be bigger or smaller than others. This will cause the Luminette 3 to either slide off your head or just not fit entirely. Inclusivity is a must and having different size options would have been a great bonus in my book.

Battery Life

Because it’s such a small and portable device, the battery life of the Luminette 3 can be quite underwhelming. Regular charging is a must for this device. It’s not that big of a deal for me, but it can be annoying when you need a quick light therapy session and your device is down.


It’s Not For Everyone

The Luminette 3 can’t satisfy everyone. If you’re not a fan of glasses and don’t like anything sitting on top of your head, then this product will surely not be up to your speed. You’d be better off with checking out traditional light therapy lamps like the Carex Day-Light Sky.



If you have plans of transitioning from the traditional light therapy lamps to light therapy glasses, the Luminette 3 is your best choice.

For first-time users, the Luminette 3 can be an adjustment. Especially if you have been only using light therapy lamps. They will feel a little weird and new at first but you’ll quickly settle and get used to the feeling. You’ll also realize how convenient it is compared to other light therapy devices in the market. You don’t have to worry about the distance and losing light when you have the Luminette 3. It sits comfortably on your head without blocking your vision. It goes wherever you go and you’ll still be getting enough light for your light therapy sessions.

If you have an active lifestyle that gets hindered by SAD when the winter months come, investing in a Luminette 3 could be a life-changer.

If you already own a Luminette 3 or thinking of getting one, let me know in the comments below your insights and experiences!

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