This guide will give you a quick walkthrough on how to clean your fitness tracker. Activity trackers have no doubt become a modern day fad. It’s not unusual to interact with one more than you do with your smartphone. Most fitness wearables are designed to be worn throughout the day, which poses the problem of sweaty palms and wrists. This can become a breeding ground for all manner of bacteria that we care not to elaborate on.  

The great thing is that it’s easy to formulate an effective cleaning regime which only take a few minutes out of your day but keeps your tracker looking & smelling fresh and extend its lifetime.

To kick things off I’d like to start with water-resistant trackers, such as the Jawbone UP. It’s easy to assume that a water friendly tracker is easier to clean. I’d usually just say to myself “It will naturally get clean when I take a shower or wash the dishes”.

The problem with the above method is the remaining moisture, that’s not dried off, mixed with any subsequent sweat worsens the problem and leaves you no better off.


Soap scum and body moisturisers are likely to gather around the wrist band so it’s best to remove your fitness tracker before showering and/or when applying body lotion.  


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If you exercise frequently then it’s even more important to keep your tracker clean and dry. Here are a few hints which will safeguard your fitness tracker from dirt, keep it dry and functioning for many years to come:

The main area to concentrate your cleaning efforts is the wristband. Most manufacturers advise that you wear it snug, but there’s a tendency of wearing them a bit too tight and I’m guilty of this.

Check that you can move the tracker from side to side on your wrist. If you can, you are wearing it correctly.


When you take off your tracker, for whatever reason, ensure that the band and your wrist are fully dry before wearing it again. You’ll be thankful later.            

Cleaning instructions vary slightly between manufacturers but generally, if you wipe the tracker with a damp cloth or cotton pad. I use water or rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol and a muslin cloth which works a treat.

If your tracker has interchangeable bands, its best to detach it from the band and clean it separately. Stubborn areas should be cleaned using a toothbrush (with soft bristles).



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You should remove your fitness tracker occasionally, especially during extended periods of inactivity, to give your wrist some respite.

If you have sensitive skin that’s susceptible to eczema, rash or allergies then sticking to these breaks is important because it reduces any chances of irritation. Remove the tracker for 1-2 hours whilst using your computer, reading a book, watching a movie, etc.  


Even with a regular cleaning regime, at some point you will probably want to replace the wristband on your fitness tracker when it starts to look old and worn.

Luckily, purchasing a replacement band is cheap and simple. The best option is look for 3rd party wristbands that tend to be cheaper than branded ones and come in a lot more varieties and colour options.  

There you have it. A quick and simple guide to keep your tracker looking fresh. Wouldn’t it be great if the workouts were just as simple?   

Still deciding which Tracker to get? Read my review: Top Ten Fitness Trackers for 2016 

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