In my quest to become a sound sleeper I found some Apps and gadgets that help you sleep better and I’d like to share a few tips to hopefully help you drift into the land of nod easily and naturally.

Getting a good night’s sleep can sometimes seem like one of the hardest things. If I have a lot on my mind or my thoughts are on overdrive (planning the week ahead) I struggle to get more than 3 hours sleep. The knock-on effect is poor productivity and grumpiness the next day.


We are normally warned to stop using mobile tech at least an hour before bed to calm our mind. Ironically mobile tech can actually help you drift off to sleep if you install the correct apps. If you’re a light sleeper then a great app to use is a white-noise app by TMSoft.


The app plays various background sounds like pouring rain, waves on a beach, a log fire, sounds of the jungle etc. These sounds block out disruptive sounds like car driving down your street or a snoring partner.

You will fall asleep quicker and get longer uninterrupted sleep thus giving yourself the deep sleep that you need.

Download the app here:

Link to IOS 

Link to Android

They are other clever methods to use mobile tech for better quality sleep.  

Your Playlist Can Help You Sleep


You might prefer listening to soothing music instead of white-noise. A great app for this is Sleep Timer which helps you fall asleep to music without you needing to manually turn off the music once you start falling asleep.

The app has a clever countdown timer that gradually fades your music when the timer comes to an end.

Download the app here:

Link for iOS 

Link for Android

iPhone users are in luck as there’s a nifty hidden feature already built into the existing timer within the clock app that stops playing music at the end of the countdown.


Sleep Tracking  

Activity trackers are hugely popular and fast becoming a normal part of daily life. In addition to tracking steps, distance and calories, a tracker can give you further insight into your sleeping patterns and help you identify problematic areas.

The Garmin Vivosmart activity tracker can monitor your sleep and set personal targets centered on your sleep patterns. It can even track when you are in deep sleep.

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Remedy for Insomnia

If Insomnia has got the best of you then it’s worth looking into an app called Relax and Sleep Well by Glenn Harrold. The app takes you through a series of meditation techniques to help rid your mind of stressful and disruptive thoughts.

Download the app here:

Link to iOS 

Link to Android


As simple as it might seem, clearing your mind is not quite that easy, mainly because most of us are used to being in fast moving environments and our mind has adapted to this.

It takes a bit of time and focus to learn how to clear unwanted thoughts but once mastered, it will give you countless nights of restful snoozing.   

Morning Glory

If you struggle to wake up in the morning you can set the “Lumie Bodyclock Wake-Up Light” to get you up by slowly brightening the room just like a sunrise.


This gradual lighting process helps you wake naturally and is a great addition to your bedroom especially in the winter months when it stays darker for longer.  

The bodyclock is also equipped with a Sunset feature to help you unwind and prepare for bed. It includes a snooze function and alarm beep which you might find won’t be required after a few days and prefer to wake up solely from the ambient light. It can also be used as a dimmable bedside light.

SleepCycle is an app that analyses your sleep pattern and body movements during sleep. The app monitors things like your deep and light sleep stages so it can determine the optimal time to wake you up.

This helps you to get a better quality snooze and prevents you from being suddenly woken up during a deep sleep.

Download the app here:

Link for iOS 

Link for Android


There you have it, a quick summary of technology that helps you sleep better. You might find that one method works better than the other- after all, we are not made to sleep the same way. Try these techniques and you’re bound to find a winner.

If you have a gadget or app that you think deserves to be noted in the next article, please could you let me know within the comments section below. Sweet dreams.

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