The Best Wireless Headphones For Working Out

A good workout needs a good playlist. With the right set of headphones, music is a great motivator to power through exercise. What are the best wireless headphones for working out? I’ve tried various sets and concluded that Jaybird X3 headphones are the front-runner.

They produce great sound and can be customised to fit securely so that they don’t fall out during a workout. The battery life runs for 8 hours and is enough for several exercise sessions. The earbuds are incredibly durable and can endure demanding workouts, wetness, sweat and the outdoor elements.


Why are the Jaybird X3my best choice? Because they excelled at most, if not all, of the challenges of working out i.e. sweat, sudden movements, quick music selection and so on. The most important feature of workout headphones is their ability to stay securely in your ear regardless of the type of exercise. Sweat and moisture is a big problem too, Jaybird is so confident that the X3 can repel sweat that they provide a one-year warranty against sweat damage.

I like that you can adjust the X3’s fit so that the cable can hang under or over your earlobe, it shouldn’t take too long to get the perfect fit and you’ll be grateful once you start using the headphones.

X3’s exclusive charger removes the standard Micro-USB port which is susceptible to sweat damage. I used the Jaybird X3 for my toughest workouts which included an outdoor run that encountered sudden winds and a heavy downpour. The headphones took a pounding and emerged victoriously.

Quick summary of Jaybird X3 features:


  • Jaybird has ensured that X3’s wireless buds are made with the smallest proportions without compromising the high performance and style.
  • The headphones will not fall out during exercise thanks to the proprietary silicone ear fins that fasten to the upper and lower areas of your ear to provide a comfortable fit, securing the earbuds inside whilst working out or during intense physical exertion. The package includes various sized silicone tips for great noise insulation and a perfect fit.
  • As mentioned earlier, the X3 earphones are sweat-proof. They are durable, stylish and perfect for most types of sports, fitness programs and any type of weather (including heavy rain). They feature a fancy hydrophobic nano-coating to fend off moisture.
  • Never worry about the battery running out during exercise. The X3 earphones are fitted with an 8-hour battery. The quick charge feature provides 1 hour of performance from a 15-minute charge.
  • You can customise X3’s audio through the MySound App which lets you adjust bass, treble and other settings which can then be saved to your profile.

Is Jaybird X3 a Worthy Upgrade?

I try to keep my fitness schedule as varied as possible and usually fit in at least 5 grueling sessions a week. My routine includes weight training, outdoor running, cycling, kettlebell training, HIIT sessions, rowing and aerobic step. As you know, each exercise requires a different type of movement. The variation means that I need a set of headphones that won’t fall out, get in the way or fail to withstand the rigor. X3 meets the criteria.


X3 is the third version of Jaybird’s Bluetooth X range and are definitely the best I’ve tried to date. I like that they blend into the background of my workout and that I hardly notice them once they’re on. There’s also a host of technology improvements over the previous models including a more stable Bluetooth connection.


Jaybird X3 Size

The earbuds on the X3 are approximately a third smaller than the previous X2 earphones. I was impressed that the same high quality of music was maintained in a smaller enclosure.

The benefits of smaller earphones are that you can slip on a cycling helmet or any other type of headgear without the headphones becoming an obstruction. The earphones sit further inside your ear and do not stick out as much as the older X2 model.

Jaybird X3 Sound Quality

The sound quality is amongst the best that I’ve heard from a pair of wireless earphones so small. The bass has depth and the mids come through with a high level of clarity. I like to play my music loud especially when training outdoors- whilst using the Jaybird X3s I never experienced any sort of distortion with bass-heavy songs.


Charging Jaybird X3

Jaybird-X3-In-Ear-Wireless-Bluetooth-Sports-Headphones-battery-lifeThe unique charging system has its benefits and drawbacks. On one hand, you get a unique charging clip that clips to an attachment on the remote, this allows for a smaller earbud as it eliminates the need of charging directly into one of the earbuds as with the earlier X2 model. Another benefit is that the new system is not prone to sweat damage.

The drawback of the charging system is that you now need a specific charge clip, unlike the universal micro USB cable. You’ll be stuck with dead headphones if you forget the clip on your travels or lose it altogether. I still think that the advantage of sweat resistance on the new clip outweighs the drawback.

Jaybird X3 Remote and Cable

I was worried that the remote would get in the way and swing around, whilst I was exercising, because it is bigger than the older model. This wasn’t an issue as the remote is lighter than the one on the X2. The remote and buttons are made from a plastic material that feels sturdier and better than the old one. The remote includes controls for rewinding, skipping and pausing music and it includes microphones to take or make calls.

The cable connecting the remote to the earbuds is flat and feels stronger than the last model. Similar to the X2, the cable doesn’t get tangled up. My trickiest workouts, that combine a lot of different movements, are HIIT sessions and kettlebells- Movements range from standing, squatting, laying down or jumping up high within seconds. The Jaybird X3 headphones handle these varied movements incredibly well- they don’t budge.

What’s included in the box

  • Jaybird X3 headphones.
  • Carrying Case.
  • Foam tips x 3.
  • Silicone Tips x 3.
  • Cord shorteners.
  • Shirt alligator clip.
  • User Guide.


Jaybird X3 Wireless Headphones Product Rating

The Jaybird X3 wireless headphones are a welcomed improvement over the older model. They are a must-have for anyone looking for a non-intrusive set of wireless headphones to use during exercise, weight training and so on.

Sweat resistance has proved to be reliable and it scores top marks for high sound quality. These headphones are popular and extremely durable. Why not try them out?

Product Rating: 8/10 

Where Can You Buy The Jaybird X3 Wireless Headphones

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The Bottom Line

Are Jaybird X3 the best wireless headphones for working out? Absolutely. I would highly recommend them because they are a great companion for any fitness program. The new design is smaller and the battery lasts longer, the sound has incredible clarity and the earbuds stay secure during intense physical exertion.


The interior speaker has been dramatically shrunk by 20% and it contains a superior 6mm driver which delivers deep bass depth. The smaller model improves handling and gives a snug fit for big and small ears and anything in between. High-quality materials are used to construct the frame, which comprises of sandblasted, injection-molded metal.

The X3 is a dependable set of earphones for your fitness program whether it’s in the gym or an outdoor pursuit. Are you considering buying the Jaybird X3 wireless headphones or do you already own a pair? Please leave your comments in the section below. I’d love to see your opinions.

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