Get Lost in Virtual Reality with Merge VR

The Merge VR virtual reality headset for iPhone android users is a popular gadget that featured on our top 10 list of the best mobile VR headsets. It's unashamedly purple and it's boxy design definitely makes it stand out from the crowd.How does it compare to its...

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The Best Alternatives To The Apple Watch

Are you in favour android wear? Or maybe you’re not ready to switch to iOS? We’ve found the best alternatives to the apple watch, with a brief summary of the all best features to look out for. The Apple watch has enjoyed strong sales and positive feedback since its...

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How To Relax With Technology

Here are some great tips on how to relax with tech and change your home into a sanctuary of calmness. Contrary to popular belief, technology (and its various accessories) doesn’t need to be a catalyst to stress. If arranged correctly, technology can transport you to a...

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Apps and Gadgets That Help You Sleep Better

In my quest to become a sound sleeper I found some Apps and gadgets that help you sleep better and I’d like to share a few tips to hopefully help you drift into the land of nod easily and naturally. Getting a good night’s sleep can sometimes seem like one of the...

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