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Hi Folks,

If we’ve not been introduced my name is Jonathan, or just Jay, and I’m a tech fanatic. My love affair with gadgets started way back when I got my first tape recorder and I’ve never looked back since!

Gadgets, gadgets, gadgets. A new gadget is introduced to the masses every single day. How do we, the consumer, decide what’s best or if said gadget will provide any value?   

I created this site to simplify looking through a flooded tech market. I write honest reviews of the latest and greatest products. Read them and save hours or days of endless searching.

My reviews are mostly centred around Smartwatches, Fitness Wearables, Wireless Speakers, Standing Desks, VR headsets and Headphones.

Rather than giving you a boring list of tech specs, I’ve chosen to focus on the product experience then give my personal take on what matters. I look at everything from the packaging, build quality, performance, battery life and at the end of it all rate it out of 10. Fair enough?  

I keep my reviews brief and direct to help you decide whether it’s the right product choice.   

I also ask that if I review a product that grabs your interest, that you get involved within the comments section of my site.

I love to talk about gadgets and if there’s anything interesting you would like to share or any opinions about the site content, please leave some feedback.

I hope you enjoy browsing the site. Feel free to contact me here or get in touch via the comments section below.


Jonathan (Jay)

Founder of JTR


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